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Writer’s block..

Alright so I’m not going to give the ‘obligatory’ paragraph of “OMG I’ve been neglecting my blog! Yaddayaddayadda” 😀

So finally, after much blood, sweat and tears – I finally moved to the new house!! It’s been what – 2-3 years? I stopped counting. We’ve been at the new house for about two weeks now? I think… AND I’m still not done with picking out furniture n__n I have been told that I should stop being so ‘picky’ but Damn it, I want my sanctuary to be perfect! Speaking of sanctuary, I’ve been on vacation for a while, and all I’ve been doing is playing videogames. If this cesspool wasn’t so damn boring – I could be… Clubbing or something!

So on with the ‘big move’ – It was spontaneous really… It was during finals so I wasn’t paying much attention into what was going inside the house. I woke up, planned on going to GUST, and then found crap in my car!

So I’m thinking, “Oh cool! We’re moving!” I shrug and drive to the new house, unpack what’s in the car and move on with life.

… Alright I’m seriously suffering from a major case of writer’s block!

Arabic commentary: MALI KHELGGGG!!! Walla walla walla mali khelg Dx

Here’s a solution – I’ll add this whole shitload of pics I uploaded and add stupid commentary to it. Yes yes! 😀

This is the mess I’ve been living in, and most who know me know that I have major OCD issues when it comes to organizing, I stayed in my room to avoid this monstrosity. Speaking of which, I actually went out today! For the first time in 2-3 weeks – I did something non-house related, that was a nice change of pace 😀

I never realized how much crap I have until we decided to move…


Window view~ funfun

Now… Yet again, I’m known to be -very- picky; so I tried putting together some of the furniture I had. It did not end well.

The cursed desk.

No seriously. It’s cursed. Those things don’t go in! Even while being hammered!

Long story short – Apparently you’re supposed to SCREW them in not claim it’s ‘Hamma time!’ and start banging away.


❤ ❤ ❤

I have a shit load of books… ;( About 4-5 boxes worth, I finally started unpacking them.

Alright so I’ll post pictures of my room when it’s finally done. It’s still a work-in-progress. Rome wasn’t built in a day and such; I finally got a closet today!

This is what I’ve been doing to waste time though:

Noodz out! 😀


You know what’s really awesome?

Alright so I promised a “positive” post, so here goes.

[You know what’s really awesome?]

– When the person you’re thinking of calls you or sends you a message.

– When you’re driving in Gulf Street and allll the stop lights are green.

– When you put your hand in your pocket and find 20KD. 😛

– Eating ice-cream!

– When you go pay your phone bill and think it’s a large amount, but it’s actually half that (Eat that, Zain!)

– When you get in the car and turn on the radio, and your favorite song is playing.

– Seeing someone you don’t like trip when they’re walking. Nyahaha.

– When a friend calls you and says “Yalla 3azeema on me today!”

– When you go to the Avenues and find a parking spot near the entrance.

– Watching the Carlton dance!

– When you leave your torrents downloading at night and all of them are done in the morning. 8D

– When you think about a certain someone before you go to bed and end up sleeping happily! ❤

– When you think you did badly in an exam, and it’s the exact opposite of that.

– When you come home and your parents are sitting there oo mstanseen 😀

– Watching Heroes! ❤

… There’s probably more, but I’m playing WoW now so yeah – not in full attention to blog. :3

– Playing WoW is awesome too!

You know what’s really annoying?

So I haven’t blogged in a long time, I’ve been pretty busy – and exams are coming up. Okayokayokay I know being ‘busy’ isn’t an excuse, I just forgot. xD I had a lot of plans for this blog, such as writing reviews, wanting to post a series of interviews, etc but it never really went down cause I couldn’t really… Well… Okay I’m LAZY when it comes to blogging. :S

But – This is my first post in a hopefully upcoming line of posts, titled ‘You know what’s really annoying?’ 8D There will be another line called ‘You know what’s really awesome?’ but today I feel like writing about the annoying, so here goes!

[You know what’s really annoying?]

– When you wake up early during weekends, and during week days it’s almost impossible for you to wake up.

– When you go to a website that isn’t pornographic in ANY way and get this 😛


– When someone is telling me something and they go “Goolay ma3ay” [Say it with me] How the hell am I supposed to know what you want to say?! #_#

– When you wake up late and go to your car frantically to get to school or work, and there’s no gas in the car [Happens a lot to me xD]

– When people use 2-3 parking spots to park, WHHYYY?!

– When you’re driving at night and people insist on using their high beams or those halogyn car lights, I wear glasses! It reflects from the mirror and I end up looking like a dazed squirrel who sees circles!

– When you’re waiting for someone to turn, and they don’t use their turn signals, GOD I hate that! I’m sitting there waiting for the guy/girl to drive straight and they end up turning! I’m not a mind reader, seriously.

– When some people don’t understand what ‘personal space’ means.

– When you don’t have any cash, and you’re paying by credit card and by the time you go pay the cashier goes “Sorry the machine isn’t working” or “Sorry, cash only”

– When people use their MSN status in a sense that, their status is left in a way that you HAVE to ask them ‘What?’ or ‘What’s up?’ but in a stupid manner. See if someone posts their mood. like ‘Happy, sad, excited’ that’s fine! But people who go ‘Hope this goes well’ or ‘I hope this isn’t painful’ or something retarded like that – SO ANNOYING.

– When you go to a party or gathering and you’re really not hungry, and the hostess insists that you eat ~_~

[/End rant]

~ 😀

Noodz’s Day Out :D

So it’s the weekend, finally it’s May – one more month till the semester ends, yallaaaaah! Anyway I decided that I don’t want to stay home, but it’s Friday so everywhere is literally packed with people, and God knows I hate crowds. :S

So I decided to go to a place I’ve never been to before, something… Odd! At first I wanted to go to Friday market but somebody was making fun of me for it so ZA3ALT >:P Then I went like ‘Hmm.. Guess I’ll see where the open road takes me, perhaps I’ll go see a movie!’ and I did! I ended up seeing…

Wait for it…

I don’t care what anyone says, I ENJOYED IT! Though it did look weird that I was sitting there alone while the theater was packed with kids and their parents :S

After that I thought I’d walk around ‘Fanar mall’ for a few minutes and then something caught my eye… This kiosk that sold accessories, though one of the brands was called:

Now for my non Arabic readers: This translates to ‘ass’

For my Arabic readers: LoooooooooL ibthematkom a7ad yesami marka chithi?! 😛

After that, I was still feeling bored so I decided to stop by ‘Omniya mall’ since I’ve never even been in it, there’s a place there called ‘The Book Cafe’ – it’s a great idea and the place/atmosphere is great, although the one thing that bothered me was the place wasn’t in a sense, cozy enough for reading. Great for studying though!

Some pictures from there:

Overall I ended up having fun today! Heh Noodz realizes that she’s lonely, but it’s alright.. 🙂

Anyway! I’m watching ‘A Goofy Movie’ now, and Goofy is taking a photograph of the cutest baby ever! Ambaaaaaai etshawegggggg~!! I want one! She’s soooo precious! I know she’s not a main Disney character but if I could get a doll that adorable, I would! *___* Soooooo kawaiii~! ❤

Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

Noodz is in a romantical mood 😀

There’s a calm surrender
To the rush of day
When the heat of the rolling world
Can be turned away

An enchanted moment
And it sees me through
It’s enough for this restless warrior
Just to be with you

And can you feel the love tonight?
It is where we are
It’s enough for wide eyed wanderer
That we got this far

And can you feel the love tonight
How it’s laid to rest
It’s enough to make kings and vagabonds
Believe the very best

There’s a time for everyone
If they only learn
That the twisting kaleidoscope
Moves us all in turn

There’s a rhyme and reason
To the wild outdoors
When the heart of this star-crossed voyager
Beats in time with yours

And can you feel the love tonight?
It is where we are
It’s enough for this wide-eyed wanderer
That we got this far

And can you feel the love tonight
How it’s laid to rest?
It’s enough to make kings and vagabonds
Believe the very best
It’s enough to make kings and vagabonds
Believe the very best

Picnic @ Night

So yesterday, the gang aka Sushii, Falati, Nonowa, Cheesy, Peugot and myself decided to stay after class so that we can work on our god damned brochure, so we decided to make it a picnic as well!

SEE THAT?! 8D Sadly Falati and Peugot couldn’t join us, cause they’re lame 😛 Although Peugot not showing up gave us the chance to dig in, because if she was there she would’ve counted all our calories! :S We missed you though!

Though after feasting, laughing and talking we decided to get down to business. Do you guys realize how hard it is to come up with a headline? We were thinking all we had to do was copy/paste the things into a brochure format because we already had our work done – but we were wrong… So very wrong!

Some of the highlights/Quotes of the night:

– “My viagra just started to kick in!”

– E71 + Sony Ericsson cheating husband phone puppet theater

– “Look at me, forever pregnant!”

– “Leave me alone, I’m playing Need for Speed!”

– Sushii praying = Noodz being thrown outside of the room, apparently I make her laugh :S

– Lots of choking from laughter

– “Let’s stick with Gary Oldman, oh and Hugh Jackman! Huuughhh Jackmaaannn! *___*”

– “I’m arriving!” – Something about breaking a sheeshah + learning why some Arab songs are dirty

– “I’m gonna KILL you!” everytime my phone rang. {Ya rabi, ish thanbi in Allah 5ala8ni charming?!}

– Phone not sitting still on the pizza box so it can auto photograph

– “If he was that rich, he wouldn’t be wearing grandma’s jacket! Bo 9al3a zain?!”

– “Age9 eedi from here!” – While pointing at neck 😛

– Here we are discovering the powers of the window’s reflection, I was being an idiot taking pictures, Nonowa was giving the thumbs up {Trashe7 ro7ha :P}, Sushii and Cheesy were hard at work. Btw – covered their faces so they don’t WTFPWN me :X ~ These are the only ones I can think of now, but all in all – Good times! 8D LOVE YOU GUYS :*

Speaking of which, I was so bored the other day, so I got my markers, magazines, pictures, glue, and pins out – AND THEN I MADE A BULLETIN BOARD 8D 8D 8D Noodz is very creative :3 CHECK OUT THE MARIO POUCH~!

This week in review~

Hmm so apparently I’ve been having a serious case of writer’s block so I’ll just try to remember what happened this week

On Monday Nonowa and I both had two midterms so it was “SPAZ MODE” all day :S So we were like you know what? Let’s go to the beach! {Faj2a :P} We got some falafel croissants {Bakash5a kaifi} from Canary and enjoyed the view. It actually did help a lot!

Amazing how something so simple can be so therapeutic.

I tried teaching my brother aka little one 😛 some karate ninja chop moves and I’m also making him watch Heroes, he’s heavily influenced by Sylar too! Yes! Although those karate chops might end up giving one of the maids a busted lip. :$

Noodz is starting to get into politics so people don’t think she’s stupid. ;P It was actually entertaining! I went to Dr. Aseel Al-Awathi’s speech at my friend’s house and let me tell you.. SHE IS SO CUTE! Just looking at her makes you go awww! ^__^ Aside from all that, she has very good views and morals, she really emphasized on the education of this country. Although a funny thing happened, I forgot to set my phone’s profile to Silent so everyone got to hear my pretty loud ‘Southpark’ ringtone {Wa fashlataaa!}

I TOLD YOU GUYS THAT FISH WAS EVIL! This photo is in no way photoshopped or altered; look at how all the fish are to one side, and that evil one is lurking in the corner trying to look at my cellphone while I was taking the picture. God damn – I do not trust that fish.

I’m diving deeper into my palm reading techniques and I’m learning more, I hope I’ll be a pro palm reader in no time! 😀

I am currently so obsessed with this song!! It’s ‘Accidentally in Love’ by The Counting Crows for the Shrek 2 soundtrack, it’s so precious and makes me all =^___^=

Aaaaand… Finally!

MACHBOOOOOOOOOOS! Had that for dinner yesterday ;Pp~

Writer’s Block

Kaaaaifi! 😛 Oh yeah, I tag all of you!

1. Where is your cell phone?

Right next to me

2. Your significant other?

Say what? 😛

3. Your hair?

Messy.. I just woke up

4. Your mother?


5. Your father?


6. Your favorite thing?

Hmmm.. I have a lot of favorite things :X But if you want my usual answer… VIDEOGAMES!

7. Your dream last night?

Pretty weird, I was a groupie for this guy I used to know, and him and his redneck band were opening up for Blue Oyster Cult – It was bizarre!

8. Your favorite drink?

Chocolate milk! 😀

9. Your dream/goal?


10. What room are you in?

My bedroom

11. Your hobby?


12. Your fear?

Not graduating? 😛

13. Where do you want to be in 6 years?

CEO of Sony 😉

14. Where were you last night?

At home, trying to study

16. Muffins?


17. Wish list item?

A good MP3 player

18. Where you grew up?

All over the place

19. Last thing you did?

Talk to Nonowa over the phone – complaining about the bald man

20. What are you wearing?


21. Your TV?

Over there

22. Your pets?

None 😦 Unless you count the deformed fish

23. Friends?

I love them ❤ 😀

24. Your life?

Going great

25. Your mood?


26. Missing someone?

Hmmm, maybe 😛

27. Car?

… Let’s not talk about it

28. Something you’re not wearing?


29. Favorite store?

Ikea xD

30. Your summer?


31. Your favorite color?


32. When is the last time you laughed?

A few seconds ago

33. Last time you cried?

Yesterday, listening to a song XD

34. Three people who email me?


35. Three of my favorite foods?


36. Three places I would rather be at right now?


I’m boooorrreeedddd! I wanna go to the zoo >;(

The creepiest thing ever

I like animals of all kinds, from bugs to puppies to bear cubs 😀 – I also normally never judge a book by its cover but this is bizarre. See we have this fish tank at home, I never really pay any attention to the fishies in it, because it’s near the kitchen so whenever I pass by there I’m just hungry and want to devour something.


You know that very creepy feeling you get when you know someone is looking at you? See that’s what happened tonight. >_>

It was 11 PM, and I was craving a chocolate milk drink, so I walk towards the fridge and I can feel something looking at me. I turn around, but there was no one there! So I got even more freaked out but I knew that I would simply die without that chocolate milk.


I walk farther away from the fridge and then my eyes started to scan the living room (Solid Snake mo Noodz :P)


The fish tank was gleaming… I walk towards it and; Lo and behold. I KNEW WHAT WAS STARING AT ME.



That has got to be the freakiest thing ever! It was just… STARING AT ME.

Call me paranoid but my God, it was like something out of a horror movie. I stared back and it wouldn’t budge, it was just… looking; staring deep into my soul. So here I am thinking, maybe it wants to tell me something.

Me: What is it you desire, hideous fish?

Fish: …

Me: You gotta give me something!

Fish: …

Me: Alright, you got what you wanted – You have my attention.

Fish: …

Me: …

Fish: …

Then I realized that in the midst of the night, I should probably not be talking to fish and I went back to my room, the image of that fish burned into my head.

… I think I don’t trust fish anymore.

Has this ever happened to you?

Oh wow I’ve been slacking! Been busy and stuff 😀

So… Has this ever happened to you?

Yes, sadly this happened to me the other day, I’m usually very careful and paranoid about gas in the car but I don’t know what happened that day! :S

See this is where it all began… The day went by great, I was mingling with people, having fun, and studying hard.

^ This is me studying hard during our promotions class, while trying to analyze a McDonald’s ad… It just looked like Cookie Monster~!

… Moving on.

The day at university was over, so I started my car and then it started making weird noises… Like Blurghhhh shhoooooo shwiffff -PUT-

… The car stopped doing anything! I panicked! So I call my cousin and thankfully she’s at the campus, we decided to go to the nearest gas station to get gas for my car. Now at the gas station I’m pretty sure I met the most idiotic gas attendant there..

Me: Hi! My car stopped and I need gas for it

Him: This car? -Pointing at cousin’s car-

Me: No. No. -MY- car, it’s at the parking lot and it’s out of gas.

Him: You need premium or super? -And he PROCEEDS to try and fill up my cousin’s car-


Him: Not this car?

Me: NO!

Him: You need ‘Gallan’ ?

Now here I’m thinking what in the hell is a ‘gallan’?! So I go;

Me: YES YES! A Gallan!

Him: Premium or super?

Me: Premium! 😀

So I wait for the guy, and I’m sitting there laughing at myself because… well look at the situation! So the guy gets done filling an Aquafina bottle (Wa Fashlataaaa! :P) and a thing that looked like cooking oil but I presume it’s gas so we go back to the parking lot and to my car…

Okay, now here’s a new problem – I opened up the gas thing that’s at the side of the car, then there was another thing I had to open up! That thing would NOT budge! It took me over 10 minutes to try and open it, and it didn’t! (Yes I never pumped gas in my life, SUE ME) If that had been a safe I would’ve opened it, but that gas knob would not budge!

So I’m sitting there thinking… HMMMM. So I look in the distance and I see a MacGyver looking driver and was like;

Me: HEY! RAFEEG! [Kinda, sorta :P]

Him: Hmmmm?

Me: Can you open up this thing? :X

Him: One moment mama [Yeah, I felt old]


So the guy opens up the knob in a second, gets a sticker out of his pocket, and used it like a funnel thing to pour the gas in my car – The guy’s MacGyver, seriously!

So I thank him, in a way, almost praising him 😛


Eventful day – I know 😀

… And after that, I didn’t fill up my car and it ended up stopping at home. :X~~

Moral of the post – Noodz never learns. 😀